who we are

myKP was founded with the purpose of being a leader in promoting community solutions. In fact, our work focused on sustainable development before the term itself become so popular. We are about thinking-and-doing , researching and inventing.

myKP is a technology focused company set on delivering new ways to merge the 'brick and mortar world' with the online world. We're focused on three things, community, self expression and making it personal.

Our generation is the first to fully leverage the freedoms technology offers us and we 're putting them into practice. We can offer support and other ICT services. The Internet is converging in significant ways, myKP is a way for you to self-direct and self program your experience. Be authentic and have values.


digital karma


myKP media

Technology and media are constant companions , we've moved from broadcasting to podcasting pretty quick.

We're intertwining media and technology to provide you an experience that's free, to create something new and entirely personal.  We're redefining the function of traditional media with some striking variations.

Your own world of personal media.  


myKP advertising

A new type of consumer behavior is taking shape.Our consumers are discerning editors and content suppliers.

They are early adapters and empowered brand advocates. They are serving as catalysts for some of the most innovative marketing in recent memory.

Be authentic and have values, be represented by myKP.